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SDT remains true to our reputation for intelligent instrument design and data management software. The launch of the SDT270 with Ultranalysis Suite software represents the evolution of ultrasound inspection. Make SDT the pillar of your Predictive Maintenance (PdM) / Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) program.


The SDT270 is a portable ultrasound instrument for Reliability and PdM professionals. Sporting many firsts, the evolutionary instrument is changing the way you perform Predictive Maintenance.
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Ultranalysis Suite forms a synergistic partnership between your SDT270, your PC, and your CBM team. It provides simplicity for those who want it and complexity for those who need it


Training is the foundation of any effective airborne ultrasound program. We have expanded our schedule and our offering to include certification and onsite implementation. Find out what others are saying about SDT Training Programs




SDT and LUDECA Partnership

Cobourg, ON, Miami, FL, November 16, 2015 (PRNewswire) - Two industry leaders of Asset Condition Management technologies for Reliability are joining forces. SDT is thrilled to announce the appointment of LUDECA as exclusive distributor for their portable and online ultrasound condition monitoring technologies in the United States.

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iPresentation Steam Trap Inspection

Steam consumes energy and therefore is an asset to your business. An asset that you should have a vested interest to protect. In order to do so, it should be inspected regularly to ensure it is functioning as designed. Hear More

iPresentation Profiling Power Users

What are some of the traits of Power Users of predictive technologies and what do they do differently that makes their CBM programmes great? In this webinar, we discuss what a power user is, why they have great successes and how to identify them in your workplace through several case studies and examples. Hear More

SDT270 Gets Makeover

If you’ve recently connected your SDT270 to Ultranalysis Suite Software and updated its firmware you will have noticed some changes. Your already impressive SDT270 has undergone a total makeover and emerged more powerful than ever. Better yet, SDT has made many of these new features available to our loyal customers for FREE. Hear More...

Webinar Replay: Unusual Ultrasound Applications

In this webinar you will learn about some different applications for ultrasound and how thinking outside of the box led to some innovative inspection techniques. Watch the webinar replay here.


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